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Below are a number of square dance links that you might find useful

asterisk image www.dosado.com - This site provides links to almost all other square dance sites.

asterisk image HANHURST'S Tape and Record Service - A site where you can buy square and round dance music, books, amplification equipment and more. You can find old and new music by title, caller or record label and hear samples of much of the music. There is also a list of the best selling music by month and year.

asterisk image Buy Square Dance Music On-line - This page provides links to all known web sites where you can buy square dance music on line. Usually you can listen to a little of the music. Most files are MP3 files and are delivered immediately. Payment is usually by PayPal.

asterisk image green Hear-2-Dance - This site describes the components of a relatively inexpensive system to help hearing impaired dancers hear callers and music at square dances.

asterisk image www.netstate.com/states/symb/dances/nj_square_dance.htm - In the 80's the Square Dance Council of New Jersey was instrumental in having the square dance proclaimed as the American Folk Dance of the state of New Jersey. This site gives some background and has the text of the proclamation. It also has pointers to other information about the history of square dancing.

asterisk image You 2 Can Dance A web site started in 2010 by the Alliance for Round, Traditional and Square-Dance (ARTS) promoting Square, Round and Contra dancing. Helps people find dances and callers, cuers, and prompters in their area of the US.

asterisk image wheresthedance.com/ A web site which lists a large number of square, round, contra, and other dances around the world. Put in a date, find a dance.

asterisk image www.callerlab.org - The site of the international Association of Square Dance Callers which holds (among other things) the widely accepted lists of calls that are in the Mainstream, Plus, A-1, A-2, C-1, C-2 and C-3A square dance programs.

asterisk image www.roundalab.org - The site of the international Association of Round Dance Teachers, Inc. which holds all kinds of information about round dancing, and information needed by round dance leaders. Material can be purchased which lists the actions, movements and figures which round dancers learn in each phase of the 6 phase round dance program.

asterisk image Cue Sheets - This German site provides cue sheets for hundreds of Round Dances

asterisk image Lloyd Shaw Foundation Catalogue - This site has a catalogue of Foundation music which contains contra dances, square dances, and folk dances. Kits for school can be ordered, individual records can be ordered and custom CDs containing multiple tunes you request can be ordered for $20. Also by clicking on the tunes you can see the cue sheets for most of the music.

 asterisk image The Square Dance History Project - This site, in a museum multimedia format, offers a detailed discussion of the development of the square dance. There are videos (modern and historic), audios, and pointers to historic square dance publications.

asterisk image newsquaremusic.com/penrod/index.html - Jim Penrod's tips for callers pages taken from his now defunct web site.

asterisk image www.ceder.net/ - Vic and Debbie Ceder's Square Dance Resource Net. This site has many valuable pages including lists of singing and patter calls, which callers and record companies recorded them, and cue sheets to replace those that have been lost.

asterisk image www.americancallers.com - The web site of the American Callers Association which contains, among other things, the list of calls in their "1"floor program.

asterisk image www.squaredancingrochester.org - Site of the Rochester Area Federation of Western Square and Round Dance Clubs. There site has links to all dancing in the Rochester, New York area and many surrounding areas. Great information for summer or winter vacations.

asterisk image www.usda.org - United Square Dancers of America, the "only national dancer's association organized by dancers for dancers and operated by dancers". The Square Dance Council of New Jersey is a member.

asterisk image www.ushandicapable.org - US Handicapable Square Dance Association. Listing of callers who have interest in working with the handicapable, listing of handicapable square dance clubs and information about the handicapable square dance convention.

asterisk image www.americansquaredance.com/ - American Square Dance magazine, an international monthly publication which covers all aspects of square dancing.

asterisk image http://www.squaredance.ws/index.html - Northeast Square Dancer Magazine, visit them and find out what's happening in New England and find a dance for the next time you travel there.

asterisk image Cheyenne Recordswebsite where they provide 50 called square dances so you can invite friends over and stream dances from the web for entertainment. They also have an on-line series of lessons covering the basic calls which can be streamed. If you want to purchase the dances on CD you can do that for $4.00 a CD which can have any combination of dances.

asterisk image Web MD article on the benefits of square dancing, June 2006.

asterisk image Square Dance "patter sayings", the words which fill out a call. There are over 100 on the Ceder site.

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