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New Jersey outfit picture       New Jersey outfit drawing

The official New Jersey "state outfit" is worn at square dance conventions and other major square dance events where there is a "Parade of States" or a "Grand March" during which the dancers of each state march together. Traditionally, the dancers of each state wear the same outfit or the same color combinations. New Jersey's outfits are kelly green and white, signifying the concept of the "Garden State. A gold embroidered star is attached to the State emblem so as to represent the location of the dancer's home and/or home square dance club

What is the official state outfit?

The New Jersey state outfit colors are Kelly green and white. The State emblem is visible in a prominent (but tasteful) location; the emblem set consists of a 9" Kelly green and white embroidered outline of New Jersey, with an embroidered gold star at the location of his/her home club, and an embroidered NJ. Some alternative outfit combinations include:

teal asterisk A Kelly green vest with white top-stitching, with the State emblem on the back, worn over a white shirt/blouse;
teal asterisk The State emblem directly on the back of a green or white shirt/blouse;
teal asterisk The State emblem on the side front of a green or white skirt. Skirts may be white, green, or calico designs. Calicos must be shades of green on green, green on white, or white on green.
teal asterisk Prarie skirts of the above colors and combinations are acceptable.
teal asterisk The State emblem on a green overskirt/apron trimmed with white eyelet.
teal asterisk An all-white dress worn with the green vest, with the State emblem on the skirt side front.
teal asterisk White, green, or black slacks for men are equally appropriate.

Where can I get Patterns and Supplies for these Outfits?

Patterns and supplies, including a State emblem, N. J. initials, and a star are available from the NNJSDA Second VPs, through the address in the Grand Square magazine, or at the NNJSDA.org Web site.

What is Currently Available?

NNJSDA has the pre-embroidered emblem sets for approximately $7. Confirm current prices and shipping/handling arrangements with the NNJSDA Second VPs.

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