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This page is no longer maintained and is left for historical purposes in case anyone is interested in a Square Dance license plate. The Square Dance Council of NJ is no longer in existance as of 12/31/17.

Square Dancers with motor vehicles registered in the State of New Jersey can purchase Square Dance License Plates from the Square Dance Council of New Jersey.

These license plates proclaim your affiliation with and pride in the square dance activity.

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To apply for square dance affiliation license plates, your motor vehicle must be currently registered with the New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles.

New Jersey Square License Plates currently cost a one time fee of $30. They do not increase the annual registration fee.

To get your Square Dance License plates, you need an official application form. Forms are available at many major square dance functions or can be obtained from , New Jersey Square Dance Council/NJDMV Liaison, 20 Gallo Court, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648.

Effective in 1999 it was possible to obtain PERSONALIZED Square Dance License Plates. Call or e-mail for additional information. Different procedures will apply

1) to holders of current square dance plates that want to get them personalized
2) to owners of personalized plates that want to have the personalized plate number appear on a square dance plate, and
3) to automobile owners that do not have square dance plates and do not have them personalized.

Our 500th Square Dance License Plate was sold in May 1997. Thank you to the individuals and organizations that made it possible to reach this goal. The Square Dance Council is pleased to announce that Square Dance License Plates continue to be available to members of members of our affiliate organizations.

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