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Helpful Hints for Clubs

This page provides material that may be of particular help to square and round dance clubs.

asterisk image Below are a series of articles by Pete Wex on how to find new club members and how to keep these new members coming back. They first appeared as a series of 4 articles in American Square Dance magazine and the Opinions page of the Do-Pas-O website. They are reprinted here with the permission of the author.

1. Who Says You Can't Get New Dancers? - This article explains how the Do-Pas-O club in Lancaster, PA went from a club with no new dancers to a thriving club in a short period of time.

2. Who Says You Can't Get New Dancers? - Part II - This article explains very specifically the methods that were used by the Do-Pas-O club.

3. How Do You Keep 'em, Once You Get 'em? - After you get new dancers you are only part of the way to achieving anything meaningful. This article, the first part of two, provides the first 10 of 20 things that Do-Pas-O does, or has, or changed, or avoids in order to keep new dancers.

4. How Do You Keep 'em, Once You Get 'em? Part II - The final article provides the last 10 (of the 20) items Do-Pas-O feels are important to keeping new dancers.

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