Central New Jersey Clubs

Shore Swingers dance First & Third Mondays at 8-10:30 @ Community Center, Ocean Road & 9th Ave, Spring Lake Heights contact Fred @ 732-892-0303 or email SINGLES & COUPLES ALWAYS WELCOME

Crestwood Promenaders Dance All Position Plus, Most Thursdays 7:00-9:00 pm Unity Hall, Schoolhouse Rd., Whiting. Contact Joan 732-849-0553 call

Middletown Ramblers Plus Fridays at 7:30 @ Croydon Hall, Leonardo Contact Betty 732-291-1188

Do-Si-Dos DBD Plus most Wednesday afternoons 1:30 -3:30 pm Monmouth County Mall SCAN center (opposite light post 21), Eatontown, NJ. Contact Evelyn (732-922-2360) or email to make sure dance is on and if you need further directions.

D&R Squares DBD Mainstream (First, Third & Fifth Sundays, round dancing w/ Russ Booz) dance Sundays at 7:30 @ Farmingdale Community Center, 11 Asbury Rd, Farmingdale Contact Doug @732-938-5385 or email

M R Club Plus/Mainstream Some Saturdays Summer only Manors at Lawrenceville Clubhuse, 26 Fairway Court, Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648. XonrXR eIXH 609-844-1140.

Pine Square Campers various times & places (see sechedule). Contact wagonmaster Joan 732-849-0553 or pinesquarecampers.org Cabins available at most campgrounds. GUESTS WELCOME including non campers. Call.

Pairs & Squares First, & Third Fridays 8:00pm , Holiday City South Clubhouse, Mule Rd., Toms River, Contact Bill Seigel 732-797-1601 See list below for caller.

Schedule Of CNJ Dances Summer & Fall 2012

Jun 01	Middletown Ramblers	Dan Koft
Jun 01	Pairs & Squares		Wayne Applegate  Black & White Dance
Jun 03	D&R SQUARES		Anniversary Dinner - 6pm
Jun 04	Shore Swingers		George Icenhower
Jun 06	Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Jun 08	Middletown Ramblers	Chuck Hardy
Jun 10	D&R SQUARE		Doug Kauffman    Flag Day Dance
Jun 13	Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Jun 15	Middletown Ramblers	Joe Landi  Dinner Dance
Jun 17	D&R SQUARES		Doug Kauffman
Jun 18	Shore Swingers		Wayne Applegate
Jun 22	Middletown Ramblers	Jim Snyder
Jun 24	D&R SQUARES		Doug Kauffman
Jun	Pairs & Squares		Graduation
Jun 27	Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Jun 29	Middletown Ramblers	Glenn Mathew   nat'l caller
July 2	Shore Swingers		Dennis Reardon
July 4	Do-Si-Dos		No Dance
July 6	Pairs & Squares		Betsy Gotta		Ice Cream
July 6	Ramblers		Howard Richmond
July 7	Pairs & Squares		Jubilee - Pipers Alley - no square dancing
July 7	MR Squares		The Kofts
July 11	Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
July 13	Ramblers		Betsy & Roy Gotta
July 16	Shore Swingers		George Icenhower
July 18	Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton	
July 20	Pairs & Squares		Wayne Applegate	
July 20	Ramblers		Dan Koft
July 25	Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
July 27	Ramblers		Wayne Applegate Barn Dance
July 28	CNJ Annual Picnic 1800 Baltimore Ave, Whiting 08759
July 29	Blue Claws & Square Dancing	
Aug 1	Do-Si-Dos		No Dance - Vacation		
Aug 3	Pairs & Squares		Dan Koft		50’s Sock Hop
Aug 3	Ramblers		Betsy & Roy Gotta
Aug 4	MR squares		The Kofts
Aug 6	Shore Swingers		Betsy Gotta
Aug 8	Do-Si-Dos		No Dance - Vacation
Aug 10	Ramblers		Joe Landi
Aug 15	Do-Si-Dos		No Dance - Vacation
Aug 17	Pairs & Squares		Derek Page	Barn Dance
Aug 17	Ramblers		Dennis Reardon & Jim Snyder
Aug 20	Shore Swingers		No Dance Hall closed
Aug 22	Do-Si-Dos		No Dance - Vacation
Aug 24	Ramblers		Don Coy	Barn Dance
Aug 29	Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton - Welcome back
Aug 31	Ramblers		No Dance Labor Day
Sept 3	Shore Swingers 		No Dance	 LABOR DAY
Sept 5	Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Sept 7	Pairs & Squares 	Betsy Gotta	back to school
Sept 7	Ramblers		Chuck Hardy
Sept 12 Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Sept 14	Ramblers		Mark Franks
Sept 17	Shore Swingers		Jim Snyder
Sept 19 Do-Si-Dos		Guest Caller Ron Kapnick
Sept 21	Pairs & Squares		George Icenhower  
Sept 21	Ramblers		Don Coy	Open House Thompson Park
Sept 21-23 Pine Square Campers - Colonial Woods, Upper Black Edy, PA
Sept 26 Do-Si-Dos		No Dance Yom Kippur
Sept 28	Ramblers		Butch Adams
Sept 28-30 Pine Square Campers - Colonial Woods, PA “Just Because weekend “ 
Oct 1	Shore Swingers		Dan Koft
Oct 3   Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Oct 5	Pairs & Squares		Betsy Gotta	Italian Day Pizza
Oct 5	Ramblers		Clay Goss  Book exchange
Oct 10  Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Oct 12	Ramblers		Howard Richman  wear yellow
Oct 15	Shore Swingers		Betsy Gotta
Oct 17  Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Oct 19	Pairs & Squares		George Icenhower	Halloween
Oct 19	Ramblers		Joe Landi
Oct 24  Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Oct 26	Ramblers		Mark Franks Halloween
Oct 31  Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton Halloween 
Nov 2	Pairs & Squares		Wayne Applegate	
Nov 2	Ramblers		Doug Kauffman pie night
Nov 5	Shore Swingers		Wayne Applegate
Nov 7   Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Nov 9	Ramblers		Dennis Reardon
Nov 14  Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Nov 16	Pairs & Squares		George Icenhower   Thanksgiving
Nov 16	Ramblers		Ed Foote
Nov 19	Shore Swingers		Doug Kauffman
Nov 21  Do-Si-Dos		No Dance Happy Thanksgiving
Nov 23	Ramblers		No dance
Nov 28  Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Nov 39	Ramblers		Mark Franks
Dec 3	Shore Swingers		George Icenhower
Dec 5   Do-Si-Dos		Gardner Patton
Dec 7	Pairs & Squares		Doug Kauffman
Dec 7	Ramblers		Glenn Matthew
Dec 12  Do-Si-Dos		Holiday lunch	
Dec 14	Ramblers		Joe Landi	Christmas covered dish	
Dec 17 	Shore Swingers		Doug Kauffman	Christmas Party
Dec 18	Pairs & Squares		Christmas Party
Dec 19  Do-Si-Dos		No Dance - Holiday preparation
Dec 21	Pairs & Squares		George Icenhower Christmas
Dec 21	Ramblers		No Dance
Dec 26  Do-Si-Dos		No Dance - Holiday preparation
Dec 28	Ramblers		Howard Richman Pre New Year’s Eve

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Joan Martin, Shore Swingers & CNJ Delegate 732-849-0553 or

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